«Every future is very near!»                         «The wisest choice. We can...!»                         "We have leaked from the depths of history!"                         Nobody but us...!                         "We have leaked from the depths of history!"                         "Wide service provider"                         "Full range of security services!"                         "Top security!"                         «The wisest choice. We can...!»                         «Every future is very near!»                         "FILEUR - The steel shield of Azerbaijan!"                        

"FILEUR Global Security Group" LLC cooperates with a number of local and foreign companies in its activities. Among them are local ones such as "International Service Company", "AZQAR", "BM Telecommunikation", "KOKO Design", "Xalq Sögorta", "Kapital Bank", "AEN Consulting" and "AZSFERA Consulting", "Macroscop", "EBS Sp.Zo.o." and "SAVV". S.r.l.” there are foreign companies such as. Our cooperation with the mentioned companies was established under conditions of mutual understanding at the highest level and covers many years. We are constantly developing, establishing relations with developing world companies, expanding our technical and material base.

Clients of "FILEUR Global Security Group" LLC are local and foreign persons living and operating in the Republic of Azerbaijan. We also provide services to foreign companies that come to our republic on business trips. Thus, the protection of events, gatherings and meetings held by foreign companies in the republic is carried out by us at a high level. As a result of our services, we have been repeatedly awarded diplomas and certificates by customers.

We do not discriminate between our customers, we enjoy serving them.