«Every future is very near!»                         «The wisest choice. We can...!»                         "We have leaked from the depths of history!"                         Nobody but us...!                         "We have leaked from the depths of history!"                         "Wide service provider"                         "Full range of security services!"                         "Top security!"                         «The wisest choice. We can...!»                         «Every future is very near!»                         "FILEUR - The steel shield of Azerbaijan!"                        

         "FİLEUR Global Security Group" Ltd. was registered in Baku city, Azerbaijan and operates based on the license of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Azerbaijan Republic.

        In its practical activity the company is governed by the "Law on state (private) activity” of the President of the Azerbaijan Republic and other regulations.

           Activity of "FİLEUR Global Security Group" Ltd. is aimed at the provision of consultations, protection, surveillance, technical security, installation of security equipment and their maintenance, as well as the sale of security equipment .

          Our company cooperates with a number of local and foreign companies. The main goal of this collaboration is to provide customers with high-quality services by the adjustment of the material, technical and legal basis for the company's up-to-date requirements