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Fileur Global Security Group" Ltd. is one of the leading companies of Azerbaijan in the sphere of security,  surveillance cameras and systems. Since 2008, the Company provides security, investigation and consulting services throughout Azerbaijan. We establish a goal of provision leading companies, enterprises and organizations, industrial facilities and offices with security cameras, surveillance systems and services based on high-quality security system, the most advanced technology . We are there to protect everything that is dear to you. Our single approach to security assures our customers that they will be provided with full and comprehensive solutions for the protection of everything that is dear to them - company, school, campus, work site, equipment, etc. Our experienced staff consisting of trained personnel is able to leave pleasant impression on customers by providing detailed information about each safety, security , surveillance system, CCTV, alarm system and access cards.  We understand that it is very important to you to feel comfort and be sure of correctness of the made decision. Therefore, we are ready to cooperate with you to create a correct system that meets the needs of each individual .

Single security systems created by "Fileur Global Security Group" Ltd, are designed in accordance with specific needs and are integrated into the customer's risk management program.

These programs include specific strategies involving of the following:

  • • Identification of Hazards
  • • Physical Security
  • • Security forces
  • • Deployment of the Technology
  • • Development and implementation of the Protocol
  • • Training 

In the work of a security mechanism each component has a distinctive purpose and role . We can develop for you a special security package that meets all your needs for security and surveillance. Products of the company include card entry system and other access control systems, CCTV and IP video surveillance, fire safety systems and system for the detection of unexpected intervention, prevention of various losses. Our security cameras are fully color cameras and recording devices. The equipment has excellent image properties and enables remote monitoring via the Internet from anywhere in the world. Maintenance costs are very low. Each of our packages allows you to use all the innovations of our security services.

 Key elements of the full operating capacity of "Fileur Global Security Group" Ltd:

  • Excellent knowledge and long experience in large-scale operations in the provision of trouble-free operation of the equipment
  • The most wide-range security staff
  • Members of the professional management team with extensive experience in the field of security 

Our mission is complete satisfaction of clients who want to maintain the development and financial stability by providing safe, secure and healthy working environment.

 "Fileur Global Security Group" Ltd. is resistant to competition and easily copes with problems. In recent years, many independent companies failed to meet competition and ceased their activities. However,  we managed to preserve the independence and activities and meet requirements of every client.

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