«Every future is very near!»                         «The wisest choice. We can...!»                         "We have leaked from the depths of history!"                         Nobody but us...!                         "We have leaked from the depths of history!"                         "Wide service provider"                         "Full range of security services!"                         "Top security!"                         «The wisest choice. We can...!»                         «Every future is very near!»                         "FILEUR - The steel shield of Azerbaijan!"                        

Our Core Values

  • Safety First!

"Fileur Global Security Group LLC" is dedicated to providing our customers and partners with safe, reliable and healthy working conditions. This is our main business. "Safety First!" to raise safety awareness, eliminate unsafe practices and conditions, and create an environment where zero incidents and zero injuries are the norm. we follow the principle.

  • Professionalism

We always strive for perfection. Excellence in us as individuals, our team, our company, our clients and our profession.
A codified knowledge base, continuous learning, adaptability to change and stand out with ethical behavior, gain an advantage by making educated decisions.

  • Vigilance

We are responsible for maintaining constant vigilance. To achieve this, we will observe, report, document and act according to the duties and training assigned to us. We can and will handle any situation through training, education and experience to ensure the safety of our Team, Clients and Consumers.

  • Our mission

Our mission is to fully meet the needs of our customers by providing prompt services that enable growth and financial stability by creating a safe and secure working environment. We believe that the only measure of how ready we are for this mission is the satisfaction of our customers. To provide value to the clients we serve, we must ensure quality, vigilance and integrity in every aspect of what we do. As business partners, we treat each other with fairness, trust and respect in a professional environment. This develops skills such as work experience, loyalty, open communication and teamwork. We must continually prioritize safety, adapt and innovate our business, value innovation and support positive change.
"With a sense of superiority and internal responsibility in everything!"