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Technical security - consists of ensuring the condition and protection of remote, stationary and mobile objects: apartments, houses, shops, offices, warehouses, enterprises, as well as cars and even people with the help of technical means. When an alarm signal is received on a centralized monitoring console by means of modern fire and security alarm systems, it allows the Rapid Response Team to intervene on the scene in time. contact is maintained at the facility, if necessary, the police, ambulance, emergency and other agencies are informed.
The mentioned makes this type of protection the most relevant, reliable and excludes the negative influence of the "human factor".
Technical security is the most demanded, financially attractive and reliable way of personal safety and property both intentional as an object of protection, as well as timely warning of fire danger or other man-made factors.
"FILEUR Global Security Group" LLC group of companies provides the following technical security services:
• security advice, risk assessment and recommendations, design, installation and maintenance of security and fire alarm systems, video surveillance, access control and restriction;
• protection of apartments, shops, offices, enterprises and other types of objects using alarm systems and dispatch of operational response teams when alarms are received at the "FILEUR Global Security Group" LLC technical security console;
• fight against theft and sabotage;
• everything you need in one window: a service and management center focused on solving customer problems, dispatching patrols, modern security equipment, systems installation and maintenance;
• optimal and efficient Rapid Response Team (RST) crew response.
Depending on the tasks to be solved, the systems can be installed both separately and in combination:
• security alarm;
• fire alarm;
• alarm button.

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