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One of the important activities of "FILEUR Global Security Group" LLC is providing technical service for security, fire, and video equipment installed in customers' facilities. Work in this direction is carried out strictly in accordance with the approved bilateral agreement. The performance of this service involves the following tasks for one technician of each customer based on general norms:
• Visual inspection;
• Checking the control panel;
• DVR debugging;
• Measuring the resistance of signal loops;
• Measuring the electrical capacity of the accumulator and other batteries;
• General system test;
• Examination of all constituent elements of the complex;
• Carrying out planned works in accordance with technical regulations;
• Detection of defects;
• Unplanned maintenance.
Works are carried out in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications, well-established service standards and regulations. Appropriate documents are prepared for each maintenance facility.
Technical service - is carried out on the basis of mutual consultation with the help of the manufacturer's specialists and information from partner organizations. Our employees constantly improve their skills at seminars held by manufacturers.
Technical service service is always available, our engineers are always at work. We will always fix, repair and modernize your equipment.
We always enjoy participating in interesting projects.

Always a positive result!
"FILEUR Global Security Group" LLC is your reliable partner!

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