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Physical protection is relevant and necessary in modern life. No matter how technically equipped and reinforced a facility is, there are functions and safety measures where a person cannot be replaced by any equipment. Your comfort and the safety of the results of your work depend on how correctly the protection mechanism is installed. It should also be remembered that quality protection is an important element of a successful business. Professional physical security is the provision of a favorable environment for the operation of any enterprise. Timely localization of any events is the key to maintaining stability and established order.
"FILEUR Global Security Group" LLC provides the following physical security services:
• protection of life and health of citizens and personal property;
• control and access control of personnel and vehicles in the territory of protected facilities;
• organization of accounting (control of movement of raw materials, manufactured products, storage and transportation);
• Ensuring protection of customers by the Rapid Response Team (RSG);
• escorting vehicles and cargo with protected persons and ensuring their safety;
• providing security for diplomatic missions and VIPs;
• accompanying persons arriving in the republic;
• ensuring order and access control in places where mass events (concerts, sports tournaments, advertising campaigns, presentations) are held;
• protection against extortion and other illegal actions against customers.